Lab Equipment at UP

The lab at UP was equipped with desktop computers in order to increase the quality of the educational experience of the students, and the productivity of the faculty who teach the courses that use this lab. The officla hand-over and the representation of the lab took place at the project meeting at UP in September 2019.

Video about Representation of New Lab Equipment at CPUT

The official hand-over of the new lab equipment, the Real-Time Digital Simulator NovaCor, took place during the DAMOC project meeting at CPUT on March 11, 2019. The state-of-the-art simulator was presented and the participants got the opportunity to visit the lab of the CSAEMS.

Lab Equipment at CPUT

CPUT received a very essential part of the student laboratory, the Real-Time Digital Simulator NovaCor. Adding to the already existing laboratory equipment at CPUT this will enable the students to work on their projects with state-of-the-art technology. Our colleagues from CPUT already started setting up the equipment and the official hand-over and a lab presentation will be done during the next project meeting at CPUT in March 2019.

Update on Lab Equipment at NM-AIST

NM-AIST received their final lab item: the real time power system simulator. The lab equipment in Arusha is now complete. Our colleagues from NM-AIST already started with setting up the equipment and they are looking forward to using it in the different modules. It will enable them simulate a power grid and give the students hand-on experience with this system.

Lab Equipment at NM-AIST

We are happy to announce that the first equipment for the Smart Off-Grid SysteMs LAb (SOMA) arrived in the last days at NM-AIST. We are looking forward to use this new equipment for practical lab work in various modules.