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Exchange Student at Stellenbosch University

During the student exchange one student from TU Dresden is on an interchange at Stellenbosch University. He is working on designing a printed circuit board to measure the impedance of inverters and transformers connected to the grid. A further task he will assist in is the creation of course materials in the fields of power electronics for the Structured M.Eng in Smart Grid Technology at Stellenbosch University.

Students working in lab


Exchange Students at TU Dresden

The first students arrived for their exchange at TU Dresden. The focus of the exchange is on knowledge exchange in the fields of Smart Grid, ICT, data security and data protection as well as an exchange about the different academic structures. The students visiting modules at TU Dresden and support the consortium with there knowledge on smart grid technologies.

Student Exchange 2018

Student Exchange

Our students have the amazing opportunity to study at our partner institutions up to one semester, since the DAMOC project planned a student exchange as part of the project. To give students from our African partners and students from our European partners a chance to broaden their horizons and exchange ideas and knowledge we are now in the finalization of the plans for the student exchange. The first students from Africa will visit TU Dresden in October 2018 and soon after students from Europe will start there exchange in Africa. We are looking forward to a fruitful exchange.