University of Pretoria (UP)


The University of Pretoria is a multi-campus research intensive institution with a very rich bouquet of programs. It is also one of Africa’s universities with the highest research outputs and most productive researchers. It has a very strong tradition of student and staff mobility. The University of Pretoria is one of the top 5 rated research universities in South Africa. It offers undergraduate and (post) graduate programs and research opportunities in more than 160 departments spread over 9 Faculties with more than 85 centres, institutes, bureaux, etc – some are Centres of Excellence and world renowned eg FABI- Forestry and Bio-technology Institute. UP also has a top rated Business School (GIBS), being one of the Top 100 Business Schools in the world for the past 10 years. The University has more than 350 NRF rated researchers with 15 of them amongst the top in their field in the world. Research fields include areas such as Forestry and Bio-technology, Food Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Environment/Ecology, Plant and Animal Science and Social Sciences. The University’s research is further concentrated in a number of Institutional Research Themes (IRTs) and Faculty Research Theme (FRTs): Biotechnology and the Management of Animal & Zoonotic Diseases, Genomics, Food, Nutrition and Well-being, International and Comparative Law in Africa, Energy, Capital Cities, Sustainable Malaria Control and Cellular and Molecular Medicine. The University has also become a postgraduate destination not only for South Africa but also for the SADC region, the rest of Africa as well as internationally. Africa represent about 75 % of all international students studying at UP. Some of the research conducted at UP is aimed at addressing the challenges of Africa. UP obtains substantial annual funding for research both nationally and internationally.

The Faculty of EBIT is organised into four schools: the School of Engineering, the School for the Built Environment, the School of Information Technology and the Graduate School of Technology Management. The School of Engineering at UP is the largest school of its kind in South Africa in terms of student numbers, graduates and research contributions. Programmes in all the major engineering disciplines are presented, with many specialisations offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level. According to the Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators for citations, the School of Engineering is ranked in the top 1% of engineering schools in the world.

The Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer (EEC) Engineering in the faculty of EBIT has a proud history of producing world-class engineers in three specialist degrees – Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering. Most of our graduates are leaders in engineering and also top inventors and entrepreneurs in the world.