Results (Work Packages)

Work package 1 (Concept for the Modular Curriculum)

Work package 2 (Development of Curricula and Modules)

Work package 3 (Training Teaching Staff)

Work package 4 (Implementation and Test of Curricula and Modules)

  • WP 4.1 Concept for Laboratories (CPUT, NM-AIST)
  • WP 4.2 Establish Laboratories
  • WP 4.3 Representation of Laboratories (CPUT, NM-AIST)
  • WP 4.4 Organisation of Courses
  • WP 4.5 Teaching
  • WP 4.6 Evaluation

Work package 5 (Quality Assessment)

Work package 6 (Dissemination and Networking)


  • Kick-off Meeting at TUD in March 2017  (Agenda)
  • Project meeting at UDSM in July/August 2017 (Agenda, Wrap up)
  • Mid-term Meeting at USGM in January 2018 (Agenda, Wrap up)
  • Project Meeting at NM-AIST in November 2018 (Agenda, Wrap up)
  • Project Meeting at CPUT in March 2019 (Agenda)
  • Project Meeting at UP in September 2019 (Agenda, Wrap up)
  • Block Course at CPUT and Project Meeting at SU in November 2019 (Agenda)
  • Final Meeting at SU in June 2021 (online and in presence) (Agenda)