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Exchange Student at TU Dresden

The final student in the DAMOC student exchange just finished her stay at TU Dresden.

The Master’s student, studying Renewable Energy, from Stellenbosch University visiting TU Dresden to get exposure on Smart Grid Technology. Her activities included taking courses at the computer science as well as the economics department. The knowledge gained at the economics department was on stakeholder management which is essential for sustainable technology development.

Further, she took a project which was focused on the challenges slowing deployment of wireless sensor networks for smart grid networks which range from big data management to energy resource constraints and data reliability. The project further studied the new opportunities generated by these challenges; the big data management issue, stream processing on fog computer architecture was presented and micro- energy harvesting, i.e. vibrations and magnetic fields along the electrical power infrastructure to overcome the resource constraints challenges. Overall, the entire experience encouraged her to further research on this field.

Second Exchange Student at NM-AIST

From March to June another exchange student from TU Dresden visited the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology. He also assisted the development of teaching material for practical labs in the new smart grid courses on data security and data protection. Specifically his tasks included:
– Research on the subject of security and privacy issues of smart grid components, in particular user behaviour tracking with smart meters 
– Development of a tool for real-time measurement of load data provided via the internet by a solar panel system on-site
– Development of a tool for visual analysis of open source energy consumption data
– Conception of possible tasks for future students making use of the developed tools 
– Collection of material and examples to convey and motivate, why privacy protection and data security are important for electricity infrastructure

Exchange Student at Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology

For the student exchange a student from TU Dresden is at Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology. Her task is to assist with the development of learning and teaching material for the smart grid courses. The focus lays on practical lab task in data security and data protection in Smart Grid systems. This includes task such as, using the NM-AIST lab equipment to simulating different attack scenarios e.g. network traffic sniffing, man-in-the-middle attacks and power load analyses for user behaviour tracking.

Exchange Student at Stellenbosch University

A master’s student from Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology is visiting Stellenbosch University as one of the exchange students. She said: “what I am doing here in Stellenbosch is attending some courses on smart grid technology and renewable energy technology which are very essential for my research.”

Further, she is working on a smart grid based research on demand side management of electricity, whereby the demand management will be done on the forecasted data using different methods like time of use tariffs, direct load control, load shifting and energy efficiency. Currently, she is working on short term prediction of electricity demand.